Devils Snare book cover image

Janice Tait read from The Devil’s Snare at the fall meeting of the COOKED AND EATEN SOCIETY in Peterborough, ON Monday, September 11, 2006. Sponsored by the Canada Council for the Arts, COOKED AND EATEN is in its seventh year as a literary venue.

COMMENTS for "The Devil's Snare"

"I enjoyed your talk yesterday, and I think everyone else did too. What I enjoyed about your book is the fact that it seems "alive". I really feel that you give readers a feel for what it was like in Saigon and how Canadians coped with the war..." - Joan Harris

"I really enjoyed your book. Brought back a lot of memories. Well done. And I liked your own personal journey." - Joan Schafer

"Janice Tait weaves a powerful tale of the political and personal as she chronicles her failing marriage during the American War’s (as the Vietnamese refer to it) dying days. To the war-traumatized people outside their walled compound, the life of a Canadian diplomat’s wife must seem idyllic. In The Devil’s Snare, Ms. Tait tells us the truth about a moment in her life when the liberty of a country, and a woman’s liberty as a person, hung in the balance." - Bruce Schwartzentruber