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Turning 90, I have led a long and full life with many wonderful experiences. Writing these vignettes to share with my writing companions was a satisfying challenge. I appreciated the comments and constructive criticisms that have enhanced the stories. We had great fun together, practising the writing life. The additional vignettes, written recently, continue the tradition we created many years ago. For those of you who have untold stories that need to be written, I cannot emphasize enough the excitement and stimulation of a writing group. Without its help and encouragement, none of these stories would have seen the light of day. I hope this may challenge you, the reader, to create your own writing group. With its help you may create your own stories.

Turning 90: Vignettes from a long life

Published 2020, available [external link] paperback.For digital book [epub] enquire with author.


Learning To Live Book Cover

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Learning to Live: A Memoir of My Sister

Published 2014, available as a Kindle file through Amazon. Link here


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The Devil's Snare

Published 2005, McGilligan Books, Toronto. NO LONGER IN PRINT but still available through libraries